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27-12-2018, 10:30
TrackVariation Data:

Silverstone International Data is: Silverstone Int (in SM)
same with National: Silverstone Nat (in SM)

other Tracks got: National and International (complete words)

Bannochbrae Trackvar: Road Circuit (in SM) without underscore '_'
Daytona International Speedway Trackvar: Road_Course (in SM) with underscore '_'

some carnames are without spaces: LamborghiniHuracanGT3 (in SM)
most even longer carnames are with spaces: Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution 2 DTM (in SM)

ingame and in SM displayed personal best: cant tell if the class or chosen car personal best is diplayed (seems to me pcars 2 cant sometimes decide itself and display i dont know what best laptime)
i would prefer (like in pcars 1): display of personal best for the chosen car ingame and in SM

if there is a txt file for the car and track/track variation names
send it to me, i would offer to clean/correct or unify the namings.
or if those are in the code as enums or structures
then copy those enums in a txt file and send it to me

i programmed an overlay which displays timings track and car names and other things for on- and offline races;
so i save the leaderboards which are of interest for me (for offline use of the TT data)
but have to have my overlay started to see what the namings are in SM to save them correctly

greetings ;)

27-12-2018, 12:37
I am afraid this is what we all do, manually run tracks and cars to see what the used names are. If there was an enum, we would already have had just a number for those, instead of the strings we need to use now. I'd be very glad though to be proven wrong by someone else hopefully stepping in with a better solution...

About the problem with best time sometimes showing the vehicle best, other times the class best (and other times I think just the personal best of the last used car), it is an annoying bug, but from what we've been told there will not be any more fixes in PCARS2...

27-12-2018, 19:26
then thats a pitty

if it gets fixed in pcars 3?

though im uncertain buying pcars 3 at all if its not natively running in linux/steamos (ffb not activated in linux or steamos yet, one has to recompile the kernel with that option as far as i know/understand)
(otherwise pcars 2 runs in linux with steam's proton, but at cost of performance)

dont like windows anymore and pcars is the main reason i still have to use it :(

well, we will see ;)

27-12-2018, 22:30
i think all dashboard and tool coders who worked with this feature would be very angry when SMS now changed that ( bit inconsistent ) naming system.
They would have to recompile all their apps and send updates to their customers.
Many users would complaint, not recognizing that they have to update their apps, and bug reports would flood the forum.

=> nope. Don't