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01-01-2019, 09:37
Hey guys, first of all best wishes for 2019! Starting from today on is the only truthful day to look back at 2018 as a gaming year. :) Which games did you buy in 2018 and which ones did you enjoy the most? Below is my list of all the games released in 2018 that I played and enjoyed, thanks to XBox achievements I could also easily check how long I played each game so I added that info as well.

1. Assassin's Creed Odyssey (59 hours played)

* Even though I slightly liked the ancient Egypt world of Origins a bit more than what I have seen of Odyssey so far (my character is level 30 out of 70 and I haven't even seen half the map), I still gotta hand it to Ubisoft to yet again deliver such a richly detailed and believable gaming world. Ancient Greece is looking fantastic and while playing this game I just want to revisit Greece in real life again (I did visit Athens, Samos and Ikaria on a vacation about 6 years ago and have been in the Thessaloniki and Panorama area for work for a few months as well). I already can't wait to see the Discovery Tour be added as free content for Ancient Greece in the future. What makes Odyssey the better game though is that the game has evolved a lot compared to Origins: the combat system has been improved, gear has been improved including engravings, 2 characters to choose from at the start of the game, multiple choice RPG dialogues that impacts the world, fully fledged ship combat and ship upgrades, the graphics feel softened and improved, an awesome soundtrack ... all good stuff. No wonder this game ended up on a lot of GOTY lists recently whereas at the end of 2017 you barely saw mentioning of Origins.
* 2019 looks interesting with new content to come including that Discovery Tour, the other episodes of the Legacy of the Hidden Blade DLC and then Atlantis! (if that is the mythical underwater city DLC as I expect it to be, this could be absolutely awesome)
* Note that I only started playing this game "full gaming time" this Xmas holiday season since before I was still busy with 2 other games on the list, hence why I'm only level 30 and less than 60 hours of playing time. Fall 2018 sure has been a busy period for gamers!

2. Forza Horizon 4 (445 hours played)

* Holy crap at that play time. Surely part of it has been idling in the game waiting for a Forzathon Live event to start but damn, I'm even surprised of that number myself. It includes the base game and the Fortune Island DLC which I have completed already as well. Based purely on playing time this maybe should have been my number one and it absolutely is a really close one with Odyssey.
* FH4 did what noone thought it could do: be even significantly better than the already great FH3. It added character customisation, 4 seasons that change the world, a custom route creator, Forzathon Live events which I really liked and a bunch more vehicles. The graphics have been improved once again and it even offers the option to play in 60 FPS on the X1X. The maps is also excellent in that it adds better elevations (even though the British landscape tends to bore a bit faster than the locations of the first 3 titles).
* I gotta hand it to Microsoft as well to take a decent pricing model in this day and age of microtransaction crap stuffed in about every game. Compared to FH3 for the same price of the ultimate edition back then, you now have the same content but it also includes both expansions instead of asking another 25 EUR for that. Also, you cannot purchase any credits outside the game anymore, microtransactions have been removed from FM7 as well and they never were in FH4. This is sadly even the only game on my list that doesn't offer any form of microtransactions which just shows in what a pathetic state the gaming industry is in now.

3. Battlefield V (164 hours played)

* All controversies aside, all bugs aside, all shortcomings and lack of content aside, this is still a very enjoyable team based shooter. I don't think I ever pumped so many hours in the multiplayer part of a shooter while as good as completely ignoring the singleplayer part of it, since I am normally a singleplayer FPS fan at heart. Granted I was in a multiplayer FPS mood prior to the BFV launch since I picked up COD:WW2 (2017) and BF1 (2016) during summer of 2018 from my backlog of older games I still had to play. 2018 for me sure was the reinventing year of the FPS with the previous years mostly been spent playing racing games or open world action/RPG games.

4. Far Cry 5 (125 hours played)

* I was so pumped up for this game from seeing all the footage prior to release (Ubisoft absolutely rocks at using photogrammetry in their games) and while I did enjoy the game a lot, I was absolutely frustrated with the main story and that constant kidnapping you out of the open world for story progression. When you wish a game like this had no story but would just allow you to roam around in the open world, something is wrong. Also, the DLC were pretty disappointing. Nevertheless, I sure got a lot of enjoyment out of it and whether or not I will get FC New Dawn is still undecided. I think it will be just more of the same with rather uninteresting protagonists.

5. The Crew 2 (74 hours played)

* Another Ubisoft game, another one where I was hyped up prior to release even after playing the demo, but in retrospect the full game wasn't all that great. The game felt empty, uninspired and lacking stuff to do. Also at the same time looking at the awesome gameplay footage for the upcoming FH4 wasn't really helping much. :) They did patch in some extra content and multiplayer since release but it's all too little too late. I'm not playing it anymore now but if they keep adding content this might be something I briefly pick up again in the future.

Unlisted. Red Dead Redemption 2 (2 hours played)

* Yes only 2 hours played, that is not a typo. I started playing RDR2 and completed the entire intro/tutorial missing and I absolutely loved what I saw. But this game's controls and way to play the game is so vastly different from Odyssey that I prefer to not mix those 2 games together. RDR2 just has to wait until I am finished with Odyssey and for sure it will be my next game to play on the list. I hope ongoing "live services" and expansions for AC:OD, BFV and FH4 won't delay me starting to play RDR2 too far into the future but I think somewhere in spring 2019 is a great moment to start with it. I never played RDR1 (but I did buy it on XBox since it got a great X1X 4K enhanced patch) but I can see myself play that after finishing RDR2.
* While Odyssey feels more like a fast "hack and slash" RPG game where you just run from one objective to the next one, I absolutely dig the slow paced and more realistic approach of RDR2. But I just cannot play 2 long games with such different controls and mindsets together, also in regards to the story I would just forget what I did before and have a hard time getting immersed or understanding what's going on. Right now I'm already mixing the live service content of both BFV and FH4 into my Odyssey playing time and just adding another big game to that would be too much.
* Again, I absolutely loved the intro of RDR2 but 2 hours of playing time doesn't justify putting it on the list, hence why I put it as unlisted. No doubt this will push BFV out of my top 3 and I can easily see it challenge Odyssey for the top spot.

Not (yet) purchased

* There are 2 games I didn't buy yet since I have so much stuff to play but from watching all the review videos and seeing them appear on GOTY lists I believe these games are absolutely worth getting as well:

1) God of War
2) Spider-man

01-01-2019, 11:03
Games that were released in 2018 and played in 2018:

1) Forza Horizon 4 - Got in November
2) Le Tour De France 2018 - Got in November
3) F1 2018 - Got For Christams, not much time on it so far.

The other game that I got in 2018 was Star Wars Battlefront II, and I don't think their were any others.

01-01-2019, 12:46
In no particular order...

The Room: Old Sins (Android) - best in the series so far for me, just fantastic.
Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PC) - has become my favourite Tomb Raider of them all. Visually stunning (quite possibly the best looking game I've ever played), much greater emphasis on tombs & exploration and less combat compared to the previous reboot games (which fits my preferences), and a story I really enjoyed. DLC so far is filling it out nicely and introducing more tombs to raid.
Lone Echo (Oculus Rift) - not a 2018 release, but I only got it recently. Quite simply the finest VR experience I've played - if you have Rift & Touch then you just have to play this.

01-01-2019, 14:59
Valkyria Chronicles 4
X4 Foundations

01-01-2019, 15:02
Red Dead Redemption for me. I have waited 8 years for this game and have not been disappointed. God of War and Shadow of the Tomb Raider have been installed since Christmas and ready to go. Kingdom Come Deliverance was also a refreshing experience, although the poor optimization for consoles and bugs have been frustrating.

01-01-2019, 23:18
Soma was really good i am now playing Deliver Us The Moon : Fortuna , good game also .

03-01-2019, 14:37
WreckFest would be my favorite, it's just so much fun playing with friends/family in multi. Lots of laughs. Should soon be out for the consoles aswell. There site is down for maintenance right now, but here's the link.
I really hope at some point they incorporate some headtracking and/or VR and a replay mode for online multi. Really,...those are my only gripes with it. Other than that, great fun.:)

04-01-2019, 13:08
The Wreckfest site has been out for a while now...strange

05-01-2019, 13:05
The Wreckfest site has been out for a while now...strange

Don't think it's nothing to worry about, think there just restructuring there web site/forum after being purchased by THQ Nordic.
Hopefully be back up soon Konan. Your new wheel will get a hell of a workout when you get your hands on the console version. LOL. :D

05-01-2019, 13:23
Yeah eagerly awaiting that... Bought in quite some time ago :cool:

08-01-2019, 23:36
MotoGP 18

09-01-2019, 00:16
bought only three in differtent genres, so who knows ?

Destiny 2 Forsaken
Shadow of the Tombraider

Danny Wilde
22-01-2019, 12:28

22-01-2019, 12:46
That Porsche serves us well in VEC :)


01-02-2019, 02:18
Dota and Granny's...

01-02-2019, 06:28
Far Cry 5 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

01-02-2019, 06:45
When did SOL get released? If it was 2018 I'd have to say Assetto Corsa would have to be first on my list :)

Just Another Frog
01-02-2019, 07:03
Erm, if it's based on hours played then @503 hours I have to (rather embarrassingly) nominate Railway Empire.
Should have been The Crew 2 but for obvious reasons that wasn't to be...

01-02-2019, 15:29
Been a quiet year with alot of Blockbuster games just being bang average or been there a million times before. My favourite games of the year being...

PUBG (PS4 Version released in 2018)
PES 2019
The Golf Club 2019
Read Dead
God Of War

04-02-2019, 09:38
Forza Horizon 4 because i think the game have amazing arcade racing . Absolutely beautiful in 4k at 60fps. Took away one point because of the weird decision to not let people quit online team mode. After one match ends, the next one begins immediately and nobody has a chance to leave if they want to. They're forced to leave after the next one starts, causing their team to be down a person.

11-02-2019, 02:23
Dota until now..

12-03-2019, 10:11
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25-04-2019, 07:23
God of War and Monster Hunter: World. I felt thankful playing both of them.

16-05-2019, 12:02
Battlefield V, God of War and a dozen racing games ..

16-05-2019, 13:06
iv been playing F1 2018 and Lately Motogp 2018 which i got for $19.99 on humblebundle a few days ago

16-05-2019, 16:43
Just started "The Evil within' (for sale for 4,99 euros at PS store)
Only bought it because it was cheap but i actually really like it a lot... For those into horror games i can surely recommend it.

My nr1 is still Red Dead Rédemption though.

21-05-2019, 20:59
Rainbow Six Siege
APEX Legends
Gran Turismo SPORT
Dragon Ball FighterZ (buying)
Mortal Kombat X/11(buying)

21-05-2019, 22:14
Mortal Kombat X/11(buying)

MK 11 is absolutely AMAZING! It's my main game now and only my third MK game, after MK 1 & 2 back in the nineties on my 386 DX33. :)

It's a very grindy game if you are into unlocking cosmetics so if that upsets you maybe you can reconsider. But frankly I don't mind it all and it's even fun. Story mode absolutely rocks!!! 10/10!!! Unlocking the secrets of the Krypt is damn cool as well. And the fighting... well its difficult but it has a great tutorial as well. I have been enjoying the game with my newbie rear end on very easy and easy mode, that is doable with just the very basic stuff. In Classic Towers you can choose your difficulty but not for Towers of Time. Either I have to improve to be able to take on medium difficulty (meh), use consumables (pffft), or be a lazy rear and and let the AI fight for me (yay!). And I have found a new love of letting the AI do my grinding while I press contin... errr... kontinue every few minutes while doing real life stuff like cleaning my flat and ironing. :)