View Full Version : GT1 cars for Championchip, Help with the Choice

07-01-2019, 16:06
Hi Guys!

I will entry in a Championchip of GT1 cars at next February.
My favorite cars are GT3 cars....so I need your help with a Choice of my GT1 car for these Championchip.

In your opinion, wich GT1 car must I choice?
Thanks a lot!


07-01-2019, 17:03
avoid, in this order, Nissan (it's a fishing vessel, not a car... at least compared to other GT1s) McLaren (embarassing lack of speed) Porsche (good only in really few tracks)

if without DLC, choose Mercedes CLK or Toyota (good if lot of circuits with long straights, I love this car) or Ferrari

if with DLC, choose Panoz... seems to be the most balanced car in GT1 series

07-01-2019, 17:18
The Panoz will struggle on large tracks like Le Mans, but it's a great car for the smaller and mid-sized tracks.

07-01-2019, 21:18
I'd rate the Panoz up with the CLK and Toyota at the top. Then it's the F50 which I've seen do fast times but I haven't figured it out yet myself.
Then it's the Long Tail, Porsche and Nissan. The Porsche is balanced but is slow on the straights and lacks power. The Nissan is really fast on the straights but has awful brakes and corner speed.

07-01-2019, 22:31
I'd rate the Panoz up with the CLK and Toyota at the top. .....

oooops.... I forgot CLK :rolleyes:

09-01-2019, 18:48
Thanks a lot for your point of views! I think that CLK will be my car!