View Full Version : How many track have you virtually visited?

14-01-2019, 19:01
Yes this will probably just be an estimate.

Similar to a thread I created s few days ago, how many tracks have you virtually visited?

Some Rules:
-You must have driven a complete lap.
-We are counting the venue, not the layout.
-The track must be real, so no Rainbow Road.
-If you have use mods as a part of your track count, please state that number separately eg 36(49).

14-01-2019, 19:02
I would estimate over 100 for me, all official.

14-01-2019, 23:34
Nice question! For me:

All tracks (including ALL variations) of:
- Grid Autosport
- F1 2010

plus 5-6 additional tracks of other games (AC, RRE, rF2) that are not available also in one of the above.

So, excluding fantasy tracks of those games, I estimate the total amount is around 80.

Btw, for real life, my sum of tracks I've visited is zero :(

15-01-2019, 00:23
I've played a bunch of games over the years (F1 2010-2017, FM2-4, GT3-6, rF1 & 2, AC, PCars1, RRE, GTR2, Race 07, AMS, Grid 1/2/AS, Shift 2, MotoGP) so I'd say at least 100 official track locations and another 100 mod track locations.

15-01-2019, 08:35
Every track of:

F1 2016
Dirt Rally & Dirt 4 (they include RX tracks and real life rally stages)

I also have Ride 2 but I’m not sure I’ve been on every track there.

How many in total if you only count on locations and not track layouts? I’m not sure to be honest, since so many tracks are shared between games and historical tracks of PC and AC don’t count either then, I estimate about 60-80 geographically different locations?

21-01-2019, 00:09
Wow I don’t how many tracks I have been virtually. Games include f1 2010, 2014, 2017 and 2018. The NASCAR series back in 2001-2005. The Forza series 2-4 and 6. Project cars 1 and 2. So I will say maybe about 100 tracks.

Tracks I have actually been to 4. Dover Charlotte, Daytona, and Darlington (actually got to stand on the track I believe what is the approach to turn 1.

21-01-2019, 13:53
So ~30 locations of project cars, sebring, road atlanta, yas marina, tsukuba... kyalami, adelaide GP and a few others I don't remember from rf1 days.

Edit: Phillip Island (Rf2 on a G29 set up at the actual venue).

21-01-2019, 19:02
Was able to count off just under 80 tracks based on various games I've played over the years (numerous F1 games from various systems, GTs, Forzas, pCars, NASCARs et. al.). Believe the number should actually be north of 80 tracks as I can't remember all the tracks I hit up in some of those early NASCAR games and I can't remember at all what tracks were in CART World Series for PS1 and which ones I actually drove.

If we counted Rally courses as well...dunno.