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21-01-2019, 17:39
Hi guys,

there is something wrong with tyres temps? i was doind the carrera GT showdown, and it starts to rain midway, and my tyres going cold really fast, acting like i was on ice making the car uncontrollable, i reduced the ducts to 30% but still going cold too fast.

any tips in how prevent this?

I use Authentic assists.

21-01-2019, 20:48
Hi,iPrazeres, welcome. Sorry but if you can please provide more information. What is your Platform, wheel or gamepad, what specific track are you having problems with? The OEM setup might be best, it comes with softer springs. Possibly the OEM setup with the Medium tires would be a good starting point.

There isn't much you can do about the tire temps in a mixed weather race. You have to slow down just like the real racers do, the tires will not heat up to dry temps since you don't have the option of true Wet tires. You can increase the Engine braking and reduce the number of Clutches, and increase the Power ramp angle, a compromise between dry and wet. The AI don't have the same tire model as you, their physics are different and on some tracks with some cars you need to adjust them.

22-01-2019, 15:20
Thank you very much. I'm play on a PC, with Fanatec Clubsport 2.5. The track is the Porsche Leipzig track i'm using the default setup.

22-01-2019, 15:36
Thank you very much. I'm play on a PC, with Fanatec Clubsport 2.5. The track is the Porsche Leipzig track i'm using the default setup.

Hi!:) I did a rain setup at Hockenheim National and tried all the tires, the best for me were mediums. Which track are you on, Dynamic, Full or Short?

Since you are on a wheel you are using possibly Default Loose, how are doing driving the car before the rain starts, ok?

22-01-2019, 15:53
This is the suspension page for the Leipzig full course rain, started with OEM and changed the toe. You can still lose the back end a little so increase the toe number on the rear if this bothers you, personally I like a little slide. Can you change the AI for the Challenge? If you can set up a Custom race to determine the Skill/Aggression settings.

22-01-2019, 16:23
Hey. I made some more changes, let me know if you would like them. In the rain I passed most, was up to 4th before sector 3, spun and stopped 5th on first lap. The F1(3rd) was being an obstacle, had to pass him outside 2 wheels on the grass. Didn't work out well for me.:D
Had to change brake balance.
2nd attempt. This guy again.
Anyway, you can move up quickly.

22-01-2019, 17:02
Ok, here is my final setup attempt.

22-01-2019, 17:20
Hey, I can get up to 2nd/3rd/4th by the Curve di Lesmo of lap 1. It depends upon where you have your AI settings.

22-01-2019, 17:22
yes i was using the loose setup, and is a bit hard to control the car feel like has no traction at all. i will give a try to your setup and tell you how it was. TY.

22-01-2019, 20:16
Hey, sorry, drove the setup dry to check, need to increase brake pressure to 86.
With increased brake pressure I easily drove around them in the wet on outlap.

01-02-2019, 09:43
Low tires pressure and positive camber angle works for me. Car becomes very stable (Ferrari 458, tried on cold Snetterton 300, 5C).

I will upload race video on my YT channel (shnoo80) during a weekend

02-02-2019, 08:18
Sorry, it supposed to be toe-in angle positive + low pressure that works, but what worked on practice, didn't work in the race. I was leading by over 10s after all drivers changed their tyres, but I started to struggle, my setup didn't help me and I was driving like on ice. I was 5 sec slower per lap.

02-02-2019, 09:50
Hi Shnoo, a lot of people have problems with rain setups in Career. The Career races have much more water than a track in Custom race. In Custom race I use front toe at -0.7 and rear toe at 1.2 with Thunderstorm and it seems fine.

02-02-2019, 10:17
Thanks blinkngone. I will check it out. I guess this setup can cause too much understeer for this track, but will see.

Anyway, as I promised, here is a video from my race:


02-02-2019, 10:30
Not too bad until 3:20 when everything went south.

I set up a Custom race with weather at Storm, I could manage 2:11 but the problem is the huge lake starting between Brundle and Nelson. The AI just go right through but I am in full hydroplane and glide off left into the grass or right and smash into the barrier. Just dumb luck to make it through there once the lake is formed. Other sections are bad but manageable once you know where the puddle/lakes are.
Worked my way up to 3rd then blew Nelson, had to drive like crazy to get back to 6th. The only way I can get through is off the throttle and ease through. Lake is on left on the proper approach to corner so you have to go inside. No way to get a good picture but it's there to the left.

02-02-2019, 11:31
I would set up a Custom race and drive it in daylight so you can learn where the low spots are that form the puddle/lakes. They will be in the same spots at night. That lake on the right on the Start/Finish straight in the above picture will hurt you at night.

I am pretty confident you will be under 2 minutes quickly since I loathe the Snetterton 300 track.+
The pole sitter for the AI is at 2:07s but I only have skill at 85.

02-02-2019, 13:08
At the Bomb Hole, the AI can use the apex curbing but if you try it can spin you out. I don't know why you lose it at Williams, no one loses it there. You must have your left side tires off track wide.
Bomb Hole curbing. Ok, ran the Bomb hole a bunch of times, You can use the curbing if you get your right side tires fully up on the curbing, no half way.

02-02-2019, 13:32
I don't think wide is a good choice at Palmer or Hamilton. Brake earlier so you can go more inside. There is the puddle right before Montreal in the braking zone, not too bad. Your brake ducts appear to be open too much, the temps are low. You are often in the mid 300s. (When you are running your dry laps you only flash yellow briefly at Riches, mostly Montreal , Agostini and Brundle. The brakes are good most of the rest of your dry laps so you can trade a little by closing them up.) This will also cause your tires to lose pressure/grip. I know it's a compromise because of the mixed weather you have but you need to have some way to keep heat in the brakes for the rain.

I guess the risk reward at Agostini isn't working very well, this corner has most of your errors. Coram seems iffy as well but mostly Agostini.

02-02-2019, 14:01
Set your pit stop tire change pressure during the race ready screen, after qualifying. Also set your wet tire pressure higher than dry, in your pit strategy, by about +0.1 bar (~1.5 psi).

02-02-2019, 15:03
Ok, plenty of mistakes, lost 1st multiple times. The 650 S(oops R.S.01) passed me on outside of Coram, same guy that passes you there. I am running higher pressures, as hkraft suggested you do. About 1 psi over dry optimal front. Haven't adjusted rear tire pressures.

02-02-2019, 15:47
Hey, did you check your tire wear? After 4 laps my front tires are worn 20%. I have tire wear at Authentic. That seems high. Uh Oh maybe it's 10%, I forgot.:o

I don't understand the AI at Coram, he brakes/ falls behind, then stomps the gas and shoots past. He takes the wide line into Murrays and I go inside, gap him on exit.

I lowered rear tire pressure to minimum instead of opening brake ducts. From 17th to 1st in opening lap was easy. 2nd lap was quick, No problem areas any more since I learned the track. I had brake ducts at 30% rear, I'll raise them to 40% although higher pressures don't seem bad. I have Full Damage and show a front end damage of 3 but I think it was a just a fender hit mostly. No Engine damage indicated from a radiator opening hit.
This time I changed weather to Rain to see how fast the AI would go, they don't like Storm. I laid back a little and waited until the 3rd lap to take 1st.
The AI will run 2:02s in rain.
It could be just one of those unfortunate Career experiences in the wet. The AI are only doing 1:52s from the looks of it and you were banging out laps in the high 1:50s/1:51s so you were able to build a big lead, then the rain came. The ice description you noticed had been mentioned before by others. Is it possible for you to go back and redo round 2? Your last few laps were the most costly. The AI can run 2:07s in Storm conditions, you were running 2:10s at first so they were able to overcome your dry lead. I couldn't see the AI lap times in your video but the lead AI were probably well under that.

I went back and checked your brake ducts they are mostly closed, nothing you can do. It looks like you traded toe for camber, yours seems low. I am running -3.4 front and -3.0 rear.

I did try your +1.0 front toe for what it's worth. I don't know how you drove it as well as you did. I ran outside the curbs same as you. It was slick as all get out. I wrecked in many of the same places as you. You had Damage off so you could keep going. I had damage on so my car is a beat up mess after 1 lap. Luckily it is side impact damage. I managed to get a hang of it and ran a 2:07 by scrupulously avoiding the curbs. Then I brushed a curb and was sent spinning.
Steering response will be improved with toe-out. According to your Engineer in PCars 2 you made your car more difficult to turn. For me using your front toe on the high speed right turn Coram I had trouble getting the car to turn just like you, I even spun through the grass like you did a couple of times in your race.