View Full Version : Fanatec McLaren wheel shift issue

07-02-2019, 22:16
So, if you have looked into possibly buying the Fanatic McLaren GT3 wheel you may know about the shift issue many users have had. It is a no shift or double shift when you pull the rocker. Seems like there is a huge range of frequency of the issue, some have it every so often, some can't even use their wheels.

I received mine on Tue Feb 5 and my issues started last night, less than 3 hours of use.At first it was Just a few times, more double shift on the up shift and a few no shifts. The problem was more frequent this am so i started my claim process.

My point, if you are considering the wheel, they are still having the issue. Many of the threads i read before purchase were from a few months ago so i assumed the issue would have been resolved by now.

I am not bad mouthing Fanatec, i love their products and will give them every opportunity to resolve this,which i am confident they will, and i will continue to buy their products in the future, Unless they seriously mishandle this situation.

For the price you can't go wrong with this wheel,as long as it works as it should.

I hope this info can be a help to someone.

08-02-2019, 07:40
Just to chime in: it's an inconvenient known issue but if you run into it you'll get all support from Fanatec to solve it.

08-02-2019, 12:24
There is a beta driver/firmware available, which should solve all these issues. If it doesn't, it's most likely a hardware failure.

08-02-2019, 23:03
I guess this is where Fanatic handling the situation properly comes into play. They are telling me to send the unit back and not mentioning firmware, which i am 100% aware of, and was mentioned when i contacted them.

Either way,the point of my post- anyone considering the purchase, as of tuesday the 5th(3 days ago) the problem still exists with the product they are shipping and/or instructing you to download.