14-02-2019, 11:01
Hello everyone! I'm Walipso and I'm from Spain. I've oppened this thread because I've got a serious problem with the kers on LMP1-H with all cars.

The problem is, when I push 100% throttle after leaving a corner, I make a little steering wheel (because I don't use helps) and the car push faster when I press KERS button. I saw with the telemetry and during this moment, ( I make the example with the TS050) the car goes from 500 hp to 910 hp. After that, when KERS is at 0%, i've seen how the engine lose power (10hp aprox).

Also I've got the same problem with the straights and the max speed, I can't reach the max on Le Sarthe because I lose to much power and here is the problem. You push with the car to reach top speed with 910 hp with all at the max, and when I put the 7th gear i saw with telemetry how the power lose about 50 hp 70 hp.

I don't know how to solved. I've trying adjusting the keyboard parameters of accel and break, sensitive, and nothing. I've try also with my wheel, and the problem it's more lighter than the keyboard, here I can reach top speed at Le Mans, but when I'm finishing the lap, I see that I lose 20 hp.

I think I do some wrong with the KERS, but i don't know it or the problem it's with the car configuration and the blowing turbo %.

thank you so much of all and sorry if i make mistakes with the ortography on the post. :)

14-02-2019, 11:14
The KERS is the electrical power from the batteries generated while braking, and it has a limited power/duration.

So it's normal that when the electrical power is gone, you loose a significant amount of power. If you want a faster aceleration and get the top speed faster you have to use at the initial gears. If you want a higher top speed, you have to reserve some energy for when you reach the top gears. Anyway you can't use it during the whole straight, so you have to manage KERS to get optimal lap times.

14-02-2019, 12:05
Okey, I'll try it. Some facts to use? And when i say taht i lose power, it's on the combustion engine. Itīs like the engine broke or tear when the kers it's at 0%.

14-02-2019, 12:34
The power in the telemery shows the power of the combustion engine + electrical engine, so it's normal that when batteries are gone, the power transfered to the tyres shows a relevant power decrease.

And how to use ir deppens of the circunstances. It's different in TT than during a race with traffic. Usually I don't use it in sortest gears to avoid loosing the extra power in wheel spining and tyre wear. That's why I normally use it from 3th gear when I can take advantage of the extra power. I also don't use in sort straights and I try to save it for the longest straight to keep the momentum more time when batteries drains. Also the "lift & go" technics help to increase the power recovered while braking.

15-02-2019, 06:20
Engine damage from hitting the rev limiter? With the kers button on you have to shift really fast to not hit the limiter.

16-02-2019, 11:11
Hi everyone once again. Yesterday I was all the afternoon trying configs on the keyboard, trying all things that you posted here, and I've got a conclusion. LMP1-H hasn't made to keyboard. with the wheel obviously you reach the best performance, but I think with the keyboard the 4th cars are bugged. I hit the rev limiter with KERS push button on the wheel, and not happened nothing. I did the same with the keyboard and I had problems with the engine wear. I tried on the game configuration put the damage of the car at 0, and happened the same as I tried before, with wheel nothing, with the keyboard problems.

So I think the 4th cars are bugged, because if you put the damage, and the engine keep the wear as like you put the damage in ON, there's something that i don't understand.

Thank you very much to all, I propose that you can try these configurations. If you can draw any conclusions, I would like to upload a video showing the problem, but I don't know if this forum allows uploading videos.

Azure Flare
18-02-2019, 00:18
What we really need is a video that shows this happening.