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18-02-2019, 13:26
Since I read the news about a planned next Project Cars game and that Ian says that it will bring some "fun" with it I'm wondering if we finally have the chance to get a realistic simulation paired with some additional gameplay ideas like other games do. I'm thinking about quests like chasing as a police car the multiplayer friend who is a bank rubber or where I have to reach the top of the mountain on a point-to-point track with only a low amount of fuel or some Fast and Furious style gaming :D

Especially for me and friends playing in VR this would be overkill!

I just want to send out this signal about what we're always missing while playing this good simulation and we don't want to go "flat" (monitor) to play more arcade games which are featuring more game styles. It's especially the hard simulation aspect which could make mini games very very sexy and challenging!

Is there anything thinkable in that direction? Maybe as paid content?

What do others think about this idea?

18-02-2019, 13:55
Sounds like you should convince some other titles to make theirs
More realistic rather than steer this one totally off the tracks.

This is not GTA and it should never even think of going that direction.

Just my opinion, since you asked

18-02-2019, 15:23
Ok, you can get me wrong... after I read my own lines. But it's more that I wish exactly the Project Cars simulation with all what the games makes the best simulation on the market for me but on some days I wish to play this game in a little different way... but only with the target not to win a race but do different kind of races. But no arcade smash and destroy action kid stuff like other titles. Just additional content <3
I wouldn't step back from VR since I experience PC2 and PC1 in VR.

18-02-2019, 19:01
I suppose if you want to do anything like this, you do it manually. Most, in fact all, of these suggestions I could implement by agreeing a couple of rules with some friends and getting on the track.

28-02-2019, 09:39
I think it about carrier mode ,more real more action more animation
Please dont go to the forza way please