View Full Version : Youtube Hot Lap & Setup by theschmid

19-02-2019, 07:34
Hello everyone

I want to warmly welcome you guys to my Youtube channel. :)

On my channel you will find my Hot Laps with different GT3 and later GTE cars and lot more for the PS4. You also will find the used setup for that fast lap. The good thing about the setups are that you can use them for other tracks and they are stable too. :cool:

Here are some examples:

Audi R8 LMS GT3 @imola 1:42.677

Porsche 911R GT3 @Silverstone 1:59.562

All my setups are done without any driving aids.
If anyone needs a special setup, please contact me on youtube! I hope that my setups could help you to improve your laptimes.:o