View Full Version : Custom Liveries on multiplayer

19-02-2019, 18:46
I hope that SMS can add a feature where you can upload a livery to the driver network and race with it online, a bit like iRacing. It would make league races more personal. Anyone else agree? Whats the point of having a custom livery feature when the only person who is going to actually see your custom livery, is yourself?

19-02-2019, 19:42
This. I found the custom livery option on PC from my move from PS4 and I was so excited! I spent the past weekend making my own livery to race with and I found out a few minutes ago it's only me that sees it. Kinda feel a little deflated now but I'm still going to keep using it!

19-02-2019, 19:58
Sorry to spoil your day, it is the truth though

05-03-2019, 19:18
So I play with a group of friends and the kinda workaround we found is to have them add the liveries that I make to there folder as well so at least the people I care about can see them