View Full Version : Audi R18 2016 Le Mans and Fuji.

08-03-2019, 12:31
Never mind for the skins i decided to move this post to Race department. I just realized issues that i had with this site a few years back. Wow if i had to edit this post on here to remove the skins and such it would take a rocket scientist to figure out how to delete this old post. I can't delete this thread to make another one later after i refix my skins. So complicated for something simple i'm out of here see yah admins. Not to mention what a lame user interactive site.

08-03-2019, 18:53
As you were warned in October 2017, tread carefully.

What you are doing is throwing insults around rather than approaching a situation calmly, politely and usefully.

If you act nicely towards the staff, moderators and members of this forum, you will get informative replies. But people don't go out of there way to help someone who is giving out shade for no logical reason.

12-10-2019, 15:48
Rich energy "tryout"