View Full Version : Infy formula gas consomption

15-03-2019, 12:41
Hi, anybody knows how to change the fuel consomption for indy formula? I can't win some races because my car needs to pit in 1 time more often than the AI cars. I got Gran Turismo sport and there you can change your fuel consumption for your car to last longuer before pitting in. You are not as fast but you get more laps. If we cant do that, how can I win any of those races where I need ti pit in more often tha the AI? Thanks.

15-03-2019, 12:43
Thought the ICM you can change engine mapping.

15-03-2019, 13:25
On PC You have the Fuel Map Default at 1, you can adjust this lower to 0.90 to save Fuel and reduce pit stops according to the Engineer. Not sure if this is working though. You can also try and save fuel by changing your driving a little just like real race drivers have to do.

Just checked, it is working. I ran the AM GT3 at the Daytona Tri-Oval.
1st run was at maximum fuel(Default 1.00).
2nd run was at minimum fuel(0.90). So at W.O.T. there is quite a bit of power reduction hence fuel savings.
So how much distance did I get at 0.90? Ran out of fuel at turn 4 of lap 6.
At 1.0 I ran out of fuel on turn 2 of lap 6.