View Full Version : Unable to toggle off "pit stop mistakes"

17-03-2019, 06:38
As well as I wrote on title, I can't toggle off the pit stop mistakes setting, because there isn't anymore. I put it on few time ago, for trying what does it makes. After a little, I wanted to switch it off, but there isn't the setting at all. I need to take it offf, because in singleplayer everytime I do a pit, there is a chance that I stay in pit for seconds and seconds. Thanks for any help

17-03-2019, 21:03
when you create an online lobby: go to realism settings, there you can toggle pit stop errors on/off

maybe this effects career mode, too
not sure about that

18-03-2019, 14:48
AFAIK there is no option to disable it offline, only online