View Full Version : Overheat tires: Hockenheimring GP, F488 gt3

18-03-2019, 06:55
Overheat tires problems on Hockenheimring GP with a F488 gt3

I run default setup. Normal raceday 31 degrees and sometime more hot.

I have really problem with rear wheel getting overheated on this track. Midrace in it impossible
to drive the track on just a 9 lap race. Slip everywhere after midrace in.

how to solve?

default config

Roel de Meulder
18-03-2019, 10:25
Using more TC should be an easy fix

18-03-2019, 13:39
Check tire pressures ~1.8 bar hot.
Decrease tc % in car setup. If tires still don't stay <100c maybe switch to hard tires.

18-03-2019, 14:36
Using more TC should be an easy fix

Yep usually reduce temps a bit, but also slows you down a bit