View Full Version : Trying to decide what fanatec stuff to buy, any advice ?

01-04-2019, 15:33
Probably going for csw2.5 wheel base and shifter but am unsure on pedals.

I am trying to choose between the csl pedals with loadcell or the club sport pedals v3. Has anyone had experience of both and found the upgrade worthwhile?

This will be used with SIM lab gt1 rig with my xbox X for now but probably with a pc upgrade next year.

Olijke Poffer
01-04-2019, 15:37
I have the CSL with load cell and I like them but If I had to buy again I probably will go for ghe V3. It looks more comfortable than the CSL. Iím thinking to upgrade but I donít know if it is the price worth.

01-04-2019, 15:39
Are the cheaper pedals all metal?

01-04-2019, 16:04
I had a CSL pedals and are a very good for the money. Yes they are full metal and very stong. The worse part is the rubber of the pedals that breaks down leaving rubber particles everywhere. Better remove that cover and use the naked pedals. More confortable and no dust.

I have now the CSW 3 inverted and I'm very happy. It uses hall sensors (CLS uses potenciometers), so more durability supposed. I bought it in an offer at the same price than the non-inverted, but if I have to buy again without discount, probably I'll go for the standar CSW.

The CSW 2.5 is a fantastic base, but about the rim probably I'll wait for the new ones (new Porsche announced). I now have the BWM GT2 & the McLaren, but I prefer the BMW. And now waiting for the podium DD1 and the F1 wheel (preordered 6 months ago).

Edit: I see you use XBOX, so you are limited to the Xbox rims or the universal hub.

02-04-2019, 21:08
I've got the CSL Elite Wheel Base and the ClubSport Pedals v3. I went with the CSPv3 over the CSL Elite pedals for a handful of reasons:

Hall effect sensors. The pots in my old pedals started giving me issues, and as I understand it, the hall effect sensors should last better over the long haul. Given how bulletproof the pedals are otherwise, I thought it made sense to pair with hall effect sensors.

Quality of construction. I'm not sure if it's fair to call it quality, but the CSL Elite pedals use a lot of cast components, while the CSPv3 are mostly CNC machined. This leads to a feeling of overall quality that is higher.

D-shaped pedals. The CSPv3 come with a set of D-shaped pedals that can be mounted to the pedals instead of the flat CNC aluminum plates. They're plastic, but they can be adjusted in a lot more ways than the standard pedals or the CSL Elite pedals. This adjustability makes it easier to get your pedals setup for easy heel-toe work.

There are a handful of other features the CPSv3 come with that might interest you. Fanatec has a really nice breakdown on their website.


When I first opened the CSPv3, I was absolutely blown away by the quality/price ratio. When you compare to pedals higher up the scale, the Fanatecs are an absolute bargain. The build quality on Fanatec's stuff is just amazing for the price.

05-04-2019, 12:52
It's all here! Not sure it will fit to my wonky home made rig, going to try but may have to wait untill the SIM labs stuff is here.