View Full Version : Fictional sponsors with some cars

Davi Javarini
15-05-2020, 14:15
I've been playing Formula X today but I realized since I bought the game that there are a lot of fictional sponsors on some cars. I like them. Not sure if this is really Car Painting or Designs, but I would like to know where can I find those fictional logos in PNG. Any idea, anyone?

24-05-2020, 21:58
there was a pack for WMD members before release to create community liveries.
But i think that are not public. Just for internal use.

Davi Javarini
25-05-2020, 18:18
I was searching for these sponsors, but I was also searching logos of Formula X cars. Such as Ebblix, Demonio, Beran, etc.

25-05-2020, 23:42
its all fictional

Davi Javarini
27-05-2020, 14:52
I know, but I would like to use them for custom liveries. ��