View Full Version : Is it possible to recover replay from quitted match?

18-05-2020, 13:29
first i'd like to tell my story

i've been in many lobbies in pc2 but never been this angry lol

So, there's this 1 hour Le Mans lobby race with LMP1+GT3, went for the LMP1.

prepared myself for the race,

was on the lead for lap 2 then there's this one lad 1 position below me probably late for the brake before the Dunlop Bridge,
he cut the t2 and went attack-mode going straight for my right side, well that aint fair but i do give him the space at the turn after the bridge but i was also not gave up my defense position

entering the chicane i dont know either i braked too late(not locking up), or he turned the wheel too soon, he hit me and spun

so at the end of the lap he decided to sent me to the shadow realm after the chicane on the last turn
my car is heavily wrecked and he just left before i even have the chance to tell him to grow up

thats cruel man, but props to him successfully making me feeling like sh*t, for giving me this unfinished bussiness feeling haha

i do respect his race, kinda feel bad but well that aint my fault

just another online lobby i guess

but i'd like to view a replay so i can sleep in peace tonight :D :D
is it possible to recover the replay somehow?

sorry for bad english, thanks before!

*if you're the guy reading this, i'm cool with you bro
not really taking this seriously but i'm just feeling curious