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Thread: PS4 - WTF is wrong with the steering

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkpheonix View Post
    Try suppressing all deadzones and setting the steering sensitivity to 30
    Thank you. It's not perfect but it feels loads better now.

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    One thing I've seen people do and tried it myself and seemed to help be more nuanced with the controls (although can be uncomfortable after a while), is to keep the analog stick pushed forward and treat it like its a little wheel.
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    Set steering sensitivity to 0, controller filtering to 75 and make sure you have soft steering enabled. I would suggest to disable opposite lock help.
    You can try mode 1 with the default deadzone (which is 48 i think) and the above suggestions, i would not set a high deadzone with modes 2 and 3.

    If you use an external camera, use enough speed sensitive steering ( probably 60 and above), if you use cockpit view you can lower it a bit and gauge your input by the wheel.
    There is a difference in steering speed between just releasing the stick and moving it from side to side, instead of keeping your thumb on the stick to correct, try to just release it instead.

    There is a bit of a learning curve but it shouldn't be insurmountable.
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    I have created a Dualshock 4 specific support thread:
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    Thankyou will give this a try!! 😀

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