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Thread: PS4 - more adjustable for controller steering

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gooseone View Post
    I would swear i have replied to this already somewhere, plz look here:
    It explains things a bit and can help you adjust to it.
    Thanks, this is great info. I just came back from vacation and spent another couple hours on this yesterday. I tried a bunch of configs suggested here on the forums, but none of them got it right. Using mode 2 seems to help a bit, but even with that, steering is still too delayed and thus feels too indirect. Accurate, quick corrections are impossible, and for a serious racing simulation that's just a showstopper Imagine the frustration of spinning out during a long, heated race, just because you tried to correct for a minor slide and that correction didn't "make it to the wheels" on time!

    Basically, for my driving style (and I think that of other people in this and other posts), the steering just needs to be as directly connected to the wheels as possible. No softening/damping/filtering, different handling of crossover vs steering vs stick-release, or any of that.

    I think what is needed is really just a simple, direct stick-to-wheel-angle mapping, with a configurable linearity for the mapping curve.

    I'm surprised something that simple doesn't seem to be possible in the game...has it been tried and then discarded? Why? Or, in case the delay stems from the fact that the game simulates torques on the front wheels (or even the actual steering wheel?), could you make those torques large enough so things feel instant with a controller. Mode 2 with steering sensitivity 0, speed sensitivity 0, damping off, opp.lock help off, seems to get most of the way there. If it just removed the steering delay and allowed for even lower sensitivity (i.e. be able to make the mapping less linear), I think that would work.


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    This is more a suggestion then a bug report. I renamed it and moved it to Feature Suggestions, so it doesn't get overlooked.

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    Thanks for taking a look at this, @Elmo. I did mean the post as a bug report rather than a feature suggestion, because I find the game quite unplayable (or at least far from enjoyable) in its current state. In my view that's an actual problem, not just the lack of an optional feature.

    Perhaps not everyone playing with a controller feels that strongly about it, but there seem to be at least some, according to the replies in this thread.. so it's not just me!

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    Nine hours for me and 2 changes since! It's ok but opposite lock is a joke on some setups I wonder if the caster self centering or speed sensitivity is still calculated the same when in a slide, mmmmmm.

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