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Thread: Game appears to have forgotten pole?

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    Game appears to have forgotten pole?

    BMW 320 Turbo Group 5, Hockenheim Short, slick tyres

    I had gotten pole at Hockenheim Short. Chose to exit after the session ended, rather than going straight to the race as I wanted to see if photos were viewable in the Driver Network. It asked me if I wanted to save the session results and I chose yes. Came back a few minutes later and I was starting the race in last!

    And I've just seen in the post-race screens, the fastest qualifying time was posted!

    Odd and very annoying. At least I ended up winning the race.
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    IIRC, if you quit a session before it's end(with the ''skip to end session'') you'll lose your progress. You have to ''accelerate time'' untile the session ends to keep your position.
    I could be wrong though
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    The session ended as the time ran out, I didn't choose to end it with any option. Then, I chose the exit and said yes to saving the session results.

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    Ive had this a couple of times, Pole by a fair few seconds then bumped to 24th at race start..

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