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Thread: G27 Wheel Calibration issue

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    maybe i dont fully understand (since i see clockwise & counterclockwise you get 2 values) but if the game detects less than 900 deg it is best to leave it. i didnt realize this for some time until the main FFB guy at iracing said a lot of 900deg wheels cheat a bit, i think logitech esp does this. thats why they bother to have the calibration feature. before i just figured my angle must be a bit off & would move it to get a 900 value, but since then ive noticed when i calibrate the wheel in games ill usually get something in the 860s. but logitech wheel or not, he said dont worry about it, w/e the value is go with that, you will end up w/ more precision ultimately.
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    Personally, I didn't ever need to calibrate the G27 wheel within the game. I am using Windows 7, Logitech Profiler 5.10, everything at default. That is, nothing changed in the Profiler software as well as nothing changed in the Windows game controller settings.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    My fanatec wheel needs a calibration ingame, but again, the G27 does not need it at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin G Webb View Post
    ...Uncheck that box otherwise the profiler will set the range and during game calibration the game will try to re-write that setting. Oh and always, always run through a full left to right lock and up and down on each pedal BEFORE launching pCARS but with the profiler running.
    Thats interesting ... i have (and had) it always turned on - never had a problem besides:

    In the middle of the race the steering wheel range got totally messed up (happend twice pre 987 Build), couldnt fix it (3h of Spa i did (see nonpublic Forum for more infos))

    Further: Wheels is not detected until restart of PCARS when reconnecting the USB Connection, what imo shouldnt be - especially if you try fixing this ^^^^ bug during the session
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    Martin G Webb
    Quote Originally Posted by Aldo Zampatti View Post
    Do as Marting suggest and also try to shut down profiler before running pCARS. Logitech software caused me more issues than solutions
    Thanks for that Aldo

    There are two options open to you with the G27 -

    1/ Use the profiler and ignore the calibration in game, (still use the game to set FFB limits but don't use the ingame calibration).

    The up side to this option is that your profile will remain constant through the game and into multiplayer, the downside is that it can cause issues with dedicated server sessions and re-write problems if you happen to stray towards the calibration screen. Oh and go through the options to un check the nightmare 'Allow Setting Change' box.

    2/ Switch the profiler off and only use the in game calibration, (make sure you exit the profiler fully so it isn't running in the background, at all).

    This means every time to load up the game you will need to go through the calibration screen, you will also have to re-calibrate for 'Some' multiplayer sessions as using the in game calibration can be over written by the host/server settings.

    From personal choice I use the profiler and avoid the calibration screen totally, it's worked for me but as I say it's a matter of personal choice.
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    I invite you to my setup guide to avoid problems with your Logitech G25/G27

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    I have a different value when i turn my wheel at 90°. I get around 500°.
    But when I'm playing, it seems ok, hands ingame are synced with my wheel.
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    Martin G Webb
    Quote Originally Posted by Photonenbert View Post
    I invite you to my setup guide to avoid problems with your Logitech G25/G27
    If you're having issues please take a look at this very helpful guide, nice one Photonenbert.
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    I'm gonna give some of the suggestions a try now. Maybe I'm confused about what numbers should be reported back in the second step of the calibration. I assumed it should count up from zero to 450 at full lock in either direction. Mine counts down from 17000. Some people are saying it should read 900 at 90 degrees. What should it look like at 90 degrees, should it count down or up from zero?

    Also my main reason for wanting to calibrate it is so that the game adjusts it for different vehicles, like the karts vs road cars. Right now without calibration it works but it is not 1:1 for most cars. I may be confused by how to make the steering rotation match the in game rotation.
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    Zero in the centre. 900 @ 90 degrees, 9000 @ full lock.

    Your numbers are very odd. Have you tried a different usb port? Ideally usb 2.

    Do you have other controllers plugged in? There were problems with this in the past for sure.
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    So to report back on my findings.

    1)The second part of the calibration always counts down showing the numbers previously posted, no matter the usb port, Logitech profiler being on or off, the profiler allowing the game to adjust settings or not. No combination of anything suggested changes the second part of the calibration.

    2) Playing with Logitech Profiler on with default setting except 900 degrees rotation and no calibration.
    -The wheel tracks 1:1 with the game, force feedback is minimal and needs to be adjusted.
    -The soft lock for different vehicles is there but can be not very noticeable sometimes, is there a way to make it more noticeable? I should also note that when I switched from driving a 125cc kart to the BMW 1 series it initially kept the kart's 200 degrees of rotation but when I restarted the race it went to the proper 900 degrees.

    3) Playing with Logitech Profiler on with default setting except 900 degrees rotation and I unchecked the allow game to adjust settings box, also no in game calibration.
    -Same as above, no noticeable difference.

    4) Playing without Logitech Profiler or in game calibration.
    -Same as above, no noticeable difference.

    So something that was suggested must have helped fix the tracking in game, so I don't really need to calibrate it, although I would still like to know if there is a solution for that.
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