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Thread: A good base car setup and car force feedback settings?

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    A good base car setup and car force feedback settings?

    Hi Everyone! Its good to finally be in Project CARS... its been a long wait!

    I was wondering if anyone would like to share there car and feedback settings they have found works for them?

    In Forza there obviously was the option to download tunes to use in game, which PC doesn't have. Im not sure if this will be added to the game later or not.

    Im sure a lot of people like me are a bit confused with the many options presented to us when a) setting up the car and b) setting force feedback for that car. So, I thought if we could get a chat going on which settings everyone is using it would give the rest of us some sort of starting point to work and learn from.



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    Every car is different so you'll need to adjust and save setups for each car/track combo. There is no one size fits all.
    FWIW the default setups are pretty good and a great place to start tweaking from if you find a particular car to not be handling as best you think it can. Regular tuning methodologies apply so any suspension tuning tutorial around the net will help you.

    One setting that all cars benefit from adjusting in the Setup pages if you're using a FFB wheel is to turn up Spindle Master Scale. It put more road feel into the FFB. Defualt is 26 for all cars. Experiment with what feels best to you by turning it up 5 steps at a time. Oh and the best part of that is you can make adjustments to it while in the Pit Garage screen while on track and sitting in the garage.
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    Yes, go from 26 to 50, and then, do your test and small adjustments, 50 is a good feeling starting point. I use G25.

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    For car feel, I suggest locking up the diffs a little more because standard the diffs are pretty open. For me it improves the handling a lot. As a guideline I tend to use 70% accel, 50% decel. Go sliding a bit and compare it to the defaults
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