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    For the people who want to try a little experiment in favor of a different kind of FFB and missed a previous post from me :

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaimy Mewe View Post
    Make sure the profiler isn`t running, this made a world of difference for me. From hating the FFB for months, to actually starting to enjoy it the past hour or so. I like a slightly lighter FFB with more details coming trough instead of FFB that`s so heavy that i`m getting tired after 10 minutes. For me it now feels closer to Assetto Corsa and RF2.

    I suggest anyone who`s experiencing a spring driven FFB on logitech wheels to disable the profiler completely, tune down the overall FFB a bit (85) and only tune the in car FFB scales (master scale between 50/70). It`s too early to speak of a massive breaktrough since not enough people have tried it yet, but i might be on to something for people who want a different FFB experience....
    Please report back with some results so i can see if it`s only me or that we`re on to something for logitech wheels here
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