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Thread: (SOLVED) Virtual mirror missing in cockpit view.

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    (SOLVED) Virtual mirror missing in cockpit view.


    Great game - I don't think I've enjoyed racing offline since TOCA 2 way back when and PC has sucked me in . And, man, is it pretty

    One small problem and probably something I've overlooked or I'm doing wrong.

    When racing from cockpit mode (as I always do) there is no virtual mirror. I normally drive using a relatively narrow field of view so I can't see the cars mirrors.

    When I go to edit the HUD layout it's there and I can move it and right clicking turns it off and on again but when I resume the game it's not there.

    Any ideas?



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    Hi Chris, It shows in Edit, as this just lets you know where it would be.

    You Probably need to toggle through the Huds until you have the HUD Layout that includes the Virtual Mirror, and then edit This hud, and adjust this to your liking.
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    Thank you, kindly Found a HUD with the same stuff AND the virtual mirror by cycling through them.

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