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Dubai is NOT the country. It is a city in the United Arab Emirates, as is Abu Dhabi. The cities are 140 km apart and the tracks are most certainly not the same.
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Abu Dhabi Yas Marina Circuit and Dubai Autodrome are 2 different tracks in different locations within UAE:
man everywhere you look this whole situation is going down a asinine rabbit hole.

I'm not the person who said Abu Dhabi was Dubai Autodrome though, even in both of my responses it doesn't 'suggest' that, lottalava did...I thought I said: isn't Yas Marina the "update" to Abu Dhabi though?
do you see me saying Dubai Autodrome anywhere in there? no you do not.

so to rewrite my response to your original comment to me;
yes, I know Dubai is in the game, I've been playing Project CARS 2 since early 2018. what I was talking, is Yas Marina being Abu Dhabi or the other way around due to my original thinking or simply my ignorance about this specific racetrack being named either Abu Dhabi or Yas Marina.

"Dubai is the country, the track name is Abu Dhabi, or simply Yas Marina."
eh whatever i'm not deleting it, gives me something to laugh about.

did you two forget that lottalava said Dubai Autodrome was Abu Dhabi Grand Prix? his post is literally on the last page, Womp replied to it on 'this page'.

and to FS7, yes thank you for linking websites that I've already been to. nice!