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Thread: [KNOWN ISSUE] Massive oversight on steering.

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    Angry [KNOWN ISSUE] Massive oversight on steering.

    I have noticed that when approaching a chicane if I go from steering left to right too quickly, the game will not recognise that I am now steering right and the car will go into full lock (left) in order to counter this I need to let go of my steering all together so the wheels can straighten, making it incredibly hard to hold a corner and a good position.
    I don't know if this is a problem I suffer alone with or if it's just the formula rookie cars, either way it's incredibly frustrating. (xbox one)

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    Known bug. As a workaround please set Steering Deadzone to 0.

    Edit: Read here.
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    I just have the exact same thing here. It's just anoying you can't make clean turns like this. The wheels are locked for no reason. Hope it's just a bug or something they will work on to get this right. It also happens if you quick wanna pass someone on a straight line! Isn't funny anymore

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    Brilliant, tha ks for the response, I had tried a search, I just wasn't sure what to search for.
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    The reply above yours should be a fix (fingers crossed)

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