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Thread: Game locked

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    Just to provide a bit more detail. I think the "game file" that is intially downloaded from PSN is only 3.x GB in size. However once you are in the game you can see that it's downloading another 21GB in the background in one of the menu items. This is a function available on the PS4 to allow users to start playing games, even before all the extra data is downloaded. You can also see this within the PS4 menu, by going to system settings>storage management>applications>game and it'll show the remaining download information there. Once the rest has downloaded, everything will open up.

    (figures are from memory and are representative to explain what's happening)

    *edited: Didn't see that OP had bought disc version. Not sure what's happening there, but this should explain for other PSN downloaders with the same issue...
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    I just keep reinstalling it. Delete, restart console and insert disc. Game fixed by itself. Preffer to people not to buu it on psn as they may have to reinstal it 15 times...

    Thx for help anyway, enjoy!

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