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Thread: Thrustmaster TH8A shifter issue.

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    Thrustmaster TH8A shifter issue.

    My setup is T500RS, TH8A and T3PA-PRO.
    Gameplay settings REAL
    Manual clutch
    Car damage FULL
    Technical damage ON

    When i put in the REVERSE or the UNUSED GEARS (depending on car) on shifter the car dies. No gear is working it turns dead silent.
    Sometimes i can go in reverse one time on the throttle. Something is broken in game.
    This happens to all cars an circuits i have tried so far. For the wheel i have same problems like everybody else. Maybe the problem with the shifter (TP8A) is connected to the wheel issues. Or maybe the pedals.

    Good luck fixing all the issues. I just want to play an awesome game.
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    same as that...the gearbox doesn't recognise neutral

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    Mine works but am using T300. It's not stalling is it as it is possible to stall. You can also bump start the car on a slope. Apologies if that isn't the issue.

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