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Thread: Known Issues Collective Thread (PC) [Not for bug reporting!] - Updated 21/12

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    Known Issues Collective Thread (PC) [Not for bug reporting!] - Updated 21/12

    To keep an good overview for the users and developers over the issues that have been reported.

    The idea is to link to threads and posts that describe the issue.

    For this I need your guys help. Please use this thread to posts links to issues that are confirmed by multiple users.

    Do not report new issues here, use existing threads or create new ones if necessary.

    Also check out our threads for PS4 and XB1 to point out issues that could be cross-platform.

    When issues are FIXED or have a WORKAROUND I will mark them accordingly.

    Known Issues:

    Speedlimiter after a Pitstop
    Yellow Flags don't show up
    Little jump starts doesn't get penalized
    AI ghosting through player
    Cars slow down and bottom out on certain parts of the Mojave banking
    Superkart AI has issues at Oulton Park turn 1

    Game freezes for a split-second when other players join an online session IMPROVED
    AI doesn't lap aggressively enough
    Players getting randomly kicked from MP

    AMD performance not optimal NEW DRIVERS
    Cars missing in the replay
    Nights too bright
    Cockpits are too bright from other headlights
    SLI potential not fully used

    Cars crash into invisible obstacles Example
    Gear ratios change on their own
    Cars hitting invisible bugs in the pit lane (Zolder and Bathurst confirmed)
    Cars hitting invisible bugs in the pit lane (Zolder and Bathurst confirmed)
    Audi R18 V10 Road car resets to neutral when hitting obstacles

    No indication of position in class in Quick Race and Online
    Soft Clipping value resets back to 0
    All sessions are counted as RACE in player's stats

    Running Invitational Events can be skipped

    Race Engineer not loud enough / missing
    Race Engineer rarely speaks
    Tunnel reverbs missing / not noticeable enough
    V8SC online and offline sound differences

    Replays showing the Gear indicator always as "N"
    McLaren 12C GT3 third rear light reflection missing

    Floating Skid Marks on various tracks
    White large blocks on Rouen Les Essarts when using LOW TEXTURES (Workaround use Medium/High Textures)
    White billboards on Watkins Glen when using LOW/MEDIUM TEXTURES (Workaround use High Textures)
    Donington: Car clips the wall
    Player car crashes in the Le Mans pit
    Audi R8 V10 is hitting the pit wall at several tracks on exit
    AI Slow out of the pit out lane at Ruapuna
    Oschersleben gravel trap not slowing the cars down

    Controller and Wheels
    Fanatec Wheels stop working during a session
    After Patch 1.4 FFB settings cant be reset WORKAROUND
    G27 stops working during online race
    OSW wheels: Technical issues
    Wheel Grinding/Vibration Bug

    Desktop Wallpaper gets removed WORKAROUND
    Livery number in description doesn't match the number on the car
    Screenshots get distorted in Highlight mode
    Player statistics wrong
    Cockpit Camera moves to an outside view
    Camera position not saved

    Fixed issues:

    RUF CTR3 SMS-R Velocity event issues FIXED
    Dip&Flip Bug FIXED
    In Helmet Cam Pit Stops switch to Cockpit Cam without going back to Helmet again FIXED 5.0
    Watkins Glen frame rate issue FIXED 5.0
    AI sometimes screws up Pit Entry at Nordschleife FIXED 5.0
    Weather "Sync to Race" option missing FIXED 5.0
    WMD members don't unlock the "One More For The Road" achievement FIXED 5.0
    Quick Race Qualifying Fuel Load and Grid Positions broken with Patch 4.0 FIXED 5.0
    Not getting released from pitstop when in the first pit box FIXED 5.0
    Player gets DQed after running out of fuel on the outlap FIXED
    Real Weather seems to pull wrong/no weather data FIXED
    Drive Option is locked in MP FIXED 2.5
    Only regional lobbies visible in MP Browser FIXED
    Game crashes when moving from Practice/Qualifying into race FIXED
    Some lobbies can't be joined FIXED

    Camera switches to bumper cam FIXED
    Skill level filter doesn't relate to anything FIXED 2.0
    Drive Thru Penalty Assigned During Pre-race Sequence FIXED 2.5
    When selecting Bentley GT3 the player gets the Aston Martin Vantage GT3 instead FIXED
    Distortion of Reflections in external camera views FIXED
    AI cars crashing in the pits at Zolder FIXED

    Tires are still visually missing after being replaced in a pit stop FIXED 2.5
    Not enough tire wear (compared to AI)FIXED 2.0
    AI cars too quick in the rain FIXED
    Car suddenly downshifts multiple gears FIXED 2.0
    Tires overheat quickly after a pitstop UPDATE POSSIBLE WORKAROUND FIXED 2.0

    HUD Edits not getting saved FIXED
    Not saving setups in career mode UPDATE FIXED 2.5
    GT3 RGT-8 Invitational Events won't unlock FIXED 2.0
    Team Championship wins don't get recognized FIXED
    Formula Cars have brake light glow FIXED 2.0
    Mclaren F1 GTR Long Tail front wheels clipping through fenders FIXED
    FPS drop at Zolder FIXED 2.0
    Bathurst: Car stuck in pits FIXED
    Watching a replay can crash the game and corrupt the save-game FIXED
    AI drives with full fuel in Qualifying FIXED

    Replays recorded before patch 1.4 crashing FIXED
    [Patch 1.4] Infinite track loading issues UPDATE FIXED
    Cars are stacking on race start FIXED
    Wrong times get uploaded to the leaderboard
    Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter Issues FIXED
    Cars sometimes steering to the left without controller input FIXED
    Deadzone too big with Mouse Steering FIXED
    Rumble from kerbs etc missing
    Skip to the end of the race => Instant win FIXED
    Skip to end of session can lead to "impossible" AI lap times FIXED
    Player loses positions randomly FIXED
    Player can't finish the qualifying lap after session time has run out FIXED

    Gap to opponents are wrong while being in pit lane FIXED
    Players are send to the menu after leaving the pits FIXED
    Cars stuttering during a replay FIXED
    Guiding Line not visible FIXED

    Stutter even with high FPS FIXED
    Ginetta Junior tire overheating FIXED 5.0
    Helmet or HUD not visible FIXED
    Favorite Location shows wrong track icon FIXED
    AI pits on the last lap and wins the race FIXED

    Tire heating issues since patch 7.0 (addressed with patch 8.0)
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