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Thread: Technical TroubleShooting Steps - WIP - NO CHAT PLEASE

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    Technical TroubleShooting Steps - WIP - NO CHAT PLEASE

    Hi all, in order to keep this sub-forum clean, I'm trying to collate common troubleshooting steps to help you out to sort problems. This is very much Work in Progress and I'll be updating this very first post as much as I can.

    Please post here solutions to problems you had so we can update first post and share. Do not discuss them here to keep this tidy and clean.

    Performance Issues:
    Stuttering: If you happen to get a stuttering game-play, it might be caused because of the following:

    • CPU Bottleneck: Project CARS Physics is quite heavy, even if you have a newish CPU, you might be limited here. Also if your GPU is powerful enough, it will produce a high number of frames and the CPU must cope with that.
      • Limiting the frame rate per second is a valid option. You can use and external tool (such as MSI Afterburner) or -fpscap 60 (60 as normal refresh rate for the screen) Launch Option within the game's properties in steam.
      • Closing background programs that might consume extra CPU power should help also.

    • There's also a known issue with certain Xbox controllers on where force feedback causes stuttering. Try reducing FFB to 0% to reduce stutters.
    • Use Render Frames Ahead = 2 or 3 at least
    • Very high graphics setting: It is normal that users try to bump up everything to ULTTRA on the first day. Project CARS is pretty much next-gen everywhere so unless you REALLY have a powerful system, don't do that! First try default graphics settings. Don't be affraid, it looks gorgeous either way! Don't believe me, watch it here in AdrianF1's own video
    • AMD CrossFire: AMD is actively working closely with Slightly Mad Studios to enhance the overall performance of Project CARS in ADM GPUs. Up until Driver 14.xx, Crossfire didn't worked quite well. This was addressed in 15.3 and 15.4 Drivers. If you are a AMD GPU user, stick to 15.3/15.4 Drivers

    • Also for AMD I've been pointed out that rising the power limit might ONLY without overclocking might help with performance.

    AMD CPU user should DISABLE the auto-overclock in their BIOS !!

    My Framerate is low / I can not hit constant 60 fps
    : Obtaining a high and constant framerate is VERY important in a racing game. For some users more than others. Some users might be using 120hz or 144hz monitor panels, on which higher frame rate is even more important.

    • Again, Project CARS is very next-gen. Start with LOW settings, and try to raise them up little buy little.
    • Some settings have major impact, while some others not as much (described a few lines below)
    • Don't push antialiasing. Sometimes while driving you don't "need" as much AA since everything is moving so fast!
    • When racing in Rain, keep in mind that Reflections and Particles takes a major role in performance.

    Graphics Setting Explanation and Impact - Suggested Setting
    : ( ==> Great video from CandyLand productions. Watch it!)
    Resolution: Self Explanatory - Normally as high as you can go
    Self Explanatory - Normally NO
    Texture Resolution: Self Explanatory - Keep them as HIGH - This is the last I would touch
    Texture Filtering: Anisotropic Filtering - 8x or 16x for Mid-end/High-end system is fine.
    Synchronizes frames output to your monitor refresh rate. Looks smoother, increase input lag - Driving with Wheel, I would suggest off. Using Keyboard or GamePad, try V-SYNC ON
    Anti-Aliasing: Increases image quality by reducing aliased lines - Settings are: MSAA, HIGH, DS2M, DS2X, DS4X, DS6X and DS9X. Prefer MSAA, HIGH and DS2M methods as those are specifically built and optimized. Start with MSAA even for High end system, tune up gradually.
    FXAA: different Anti Aliasing Method - It might introduce some Image Blurring. You might combine this with AA (example: AA= HIGH/ FXAA=LOW; Also you can use AA=NONE/FXAA=LOW) Using only FXAA LOW without Anti-Aliasing is very cool for Low/Mid end systems
    SMAA: another AA method. FXAA and SMAA can NOT be combined. Suggested OFF to start.
    Reflections: Self Explanatory - This is one of the overkill features. It looks nice indeed, but beware of performance!. Settings are off,low, med, high, ultra. Start with LOW even on high end system, If you drive Cockpit or bumper cam, you will *almost* not notice any graphical difference when keeping this to LOW.
    Environment Map: Related to reflections. - Same statement as before applies. Start with LOW
    Car Detail: Self Explanatory - Low/Medium/High/Ultra. Start with Medium/High. Only use ULTRA if you have very high-end system!
    Track Detail: Same as before - I start HIGH with this one, use ULTRA only if you see popping effects. Otherwise keep it at Med/High
    Shadow Detail: Self Explanatory. Affects performance very much. Start with Low/Medium
    Motion Blur: Self Explanatory - Use it if you like it. Low/Med/High equals the quality of the blur, not the ammount applied!
    Render Frames Ahead: Keeps a buffer of rendered frames for smoothness. Use 1 to reduce input lag/visual lag only on high end systems. Default value of 2 is OK for most cases.
    Detailed Grass: Self Explanatory - Better grass - Performance impact is high on this setting. I use either LOW or OFF. Keep in mind that if you use motion blur, then grass will look almost the same
    Particle Level: Self Explanatory - Normally doesn't affects too much the performance since it only works when you see smoke, dirt, etc. Medium for start is fine
    Particle Density: Same as before Medium
    Streched Headlight Reflections: Reflections of head and taillights in the asphalt. Looks Awesome! Specially in wet conditions. Performance impact is medium. Try with this setting ON as first

    Application Hangs - Crashes:
    Many situations can lead to an app crash, I would try to compile most of the workarounds here:

    • Background Applications: Antivirus, Logitech Profiler, Raptr, Geforce Experience, RadeonPro, FRAPS, MSI Afterburner, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), and any other OSD related sofware (OSD are those that display something above the game such as Frames Per Second). For troubleshooting purposes, disable/close them all. Kill them from Task Manager if necessary.
    • Overclocking: Project CARS is very VERY demanding in all fronts, CPU (Physics for instance) and GPU (those nicely looking cars draw nice power from your GPU). Sometimes, even the slight overclocking can make the game crash. On my tests, only rising the voltage on my GPU made the game unstable. Even those "official overclockings" should be disabled for troubleshooting.
    • Virtual Memory / Low RAM: Project CARS consumes a considerable ammount of RAM (don't want to lie but it's about the 2GB Mark). This *could* potentially be an issue for low (4/6GB) RAM systems. Shouldn't be a problem for 8GB rigs. Be sure to check task manager before launching PCARS. As a workaround, close everything in background, and ensure that Virtual Memory (Windows Page File) is configured at least as System Managed. (Credit to Morgan Henstridge)

    HUD Issues

    • "Disable 3dvision/3dtvPlay in NVidia Control Panel. If it's enabled (even when not used in game) you won't have HUD and helmet overlay." (Credit to Morgan Henstridge!)

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    Systems tested with Project CARS 2:
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    Core i7 7700HQ - nVidia GTX 1050 - 16GB RAM (Laptop)
    Core i7 6700HQ - nvidia GTX 980m - 8GB RAM (Laptop)
    Core i5 4670K - 2x AMD 7970 - 16GB RAM (Desktop)
    Core i7 4700HQ - nVidia 970M - 16GB RAM - (Laptop)

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