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Thread: Starting last online

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    Starting last online


    I am unsure if it is me being very silly but I seem to have a problem where I start last in every race that does not have qualifying. Can't seem to see why this is the case.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    I think I'm experiencing the same problems like you are. Started playing and went straight to online races with a friend, race settings -> 2 players, 30 AIs, no training, qualifying etc. only a 5 minute warmup. We tried a lot of tracks, car classes and so on and the game worked pretty fine overall, however when it comes to the starting grid we always had the same position. He is constantly starting from place 32, I am constantly starting from place 25. Is this a bug or are we missing any pre race setting here? When he hosts his position is still always 32, I am always 7.
    When we played again today the positions changed, I was starting from 32, he from 2 in ~10-15 races.
    Help would be greatly appreciated here aswell

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