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    Continues from Steam Discussion.
    Below (next post) you can see a summary of all bugs I found and their dev status.

    Detailed report of bugs:

    May 9th and before

    1. Scroll bar of leaderboard after a race is finished is not calibrated. It should scroll downwards not upwards. It results in this:

    2. Settings arrows used for accurate adjustments do nothing at all:

    3. Either the intro isn't skipable but pausing doesn't disengages gears, or the keyboard is able to skip intro but pausing disengages gear. On the first case you can also disengage gear during pause but only if you open steam overlay. In the second case alt-tab is considerably harder than otherwise.

    4. Also can I suggest you remove the higher penalty for going off track at the end of a lap? I mean isn't it bad enough that you've ruined a lap at the end but you also have to suffer the next one for it? I just don't see the point of it. I don't think even rFactor has such severe consequence.

    5. Local stored ghosts have no information of type of controller used.

    6. Track browser can be annoying at times. When in the menu where you can see the actual layout of the track, when you go back it doesn't select by default the track you were viewing, instead it selects the last track you raced. This is extremely annoying when you're simply browsing locations and it keeps going back to somewhere else. Another related suggestion is just add the layout already to the complete individual list without the need to go to locations and see each locations track possibilities. I'll possibly post a video about this soon.

    May 10th

    7. My engineers suddenly seem to have gone mute. This is a known issue but again I didn't had this before. Unless the game updated without me being aware of it then either the game gone nuts or perhaps the engineer only fancy certain events.

    8. You can't create a pit setup without refueling. I was trying to create a pit setting with only changing tires but it wouldn't allow me to go below what the fuel tank originally had. I have the feeling the refuel bar is quite unstable.

    9. Either the AI is broken or the weather is broken or both are broken or the AI gets broken because the weather is broken. Just look at this thread.

    10. Before a race, trying to change tires is useless as every time you go back to settings it reverts to "Automatic by weather", save has no effect apparently. Multiple witnesses.

    11. Changing graphic settings resets controls. Known.
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