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Thread: Game minimises on launch - cannot open

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    Game minimises on launch - cannot open

    Just bought the game today, and haven't been able to even start it. Here is the series of events as they happen every time:

    - Steam prepares to launch
    - black full screen for 2 seconds
    - USB/device connected windows sound plays
    - programming minimises, can still hear audio
    - unable to open program
    - unable to close program short of task manager

    I have tried updating:

    - video driver
    - net framework
    - c++
    - directx
    - all windows updates
    - deleting and reinstalling entire game

    Since it makes the USB/device connected sound, I have also tried:

    - disconnecting all USB devices aside from mouse/keyboard
    - tried having a hardwired mouse as the only peripheral
    - starting it on my monitor alone
    - starting it on my TV alone
    - disabling firewall & antivirus

    I have never had a problem playing ANY game. Even early access DiRT Rally, GTAV, etc all manage VSynced 60 @ 1080p maxed.

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    What controller are you using?
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    Do you have the Logitech profiler application running in the background ? If so, shut it down and try again.

    And check this:

    He had the same problem and it was solved.
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    If you have a Logitech controller make sure you start the Logitech profiler software before starting Project Cars.

    Oops,I was badly ninja'd.
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    Worked like a charm. Thank you all.

    I have to close the Logitech profiler to play DiRT Rally. If it's on, the steering becomes insanely twitchy and sensitive.
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