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Thread: What car do you REALLY drive??

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    2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt edition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Franco Ferrari View Post
    I had one too!... but mine was in petroleum blue metallic and grey OZ rims with wider tyres.
    Man I loved that car. I cherished it like a baby.

    I remember the day I snapped one camshaft rocker arm... for no apparent reason... and I managed to return home running on 3 cylinders and the car shaking like a drunk.
    A very belated reply... excuse me.

    Man, that was a fine color too!
    I still have a set of OZ Racing Superturismo 17" rims with Kumho tyres here. Came off of my dad's Alfa 156, but they don't fit on the BMW.

    Funny thing is that I didn't have a rocker arm issue but on mine one of the injectors suddenly decided to quit working.

    I was at a concert of The Dubliners with my parents, a few years before Barney left to the great Irish band in the heavens, and after the concert I started the car as it was wet and cold.
    All fine but I had to wait for the cars behind me to give way and all of a sudden and indeed for no apparent reason it was running on 3 legs.
    So I know what kind of shaking you've gone through and you have zero power from that engine when it happens, and I had to go a bit uphill too on the ring road here. It made it but just don't ask how.

    Glad I got rid of it though. It had to have a lot done to it. Chassis started to rust, the subframe was all gone and almost dropped the engine, the rims were corroding and one was leaking air (with no air leak to be found!), had to do the 3 yearly distribution + waterpump again. It was a fine car but it needed too much love in the end, although not that I have luck with my car now.
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    I just purchased a 2019 Toyota Sienna minivan with only 1388 miles on it. 300 horsepower and can haul 7 with room for pets as well. Alumina Jade Metalic with cloth interior. Fully paid for and a gift to my wife. Can’t post pics of it just yet till I get my post count up.
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    Hey guys, got a 2009 honda fit for grocery getter and a 2002 honda S2000 for fun.
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