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Thread: The AI discussion (all platforms)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Bell View Post
    Sorry guys but if you drive like a human I think we have some of the best AI ever shipped in a game. It's impossible to please everyone and yes they do get a bit aggressive above 80% but at 80-85% I'm having a wonderful time with them.

    Respect where they are on the track. Don't assume they're going to just give way to you because you have a bumper inside them.

    And yes they are occasionally fast off track but the alternative is they bash you or give up as it's normally YOU pushing them off track. The solution we have reached is the most appropriate for fun racing as I see it.
    I agree 100% with that.
    Its the best AI i had ever.
    There's no game that have a better AI!
    I have no problems with them at all!!!
    Race as you should do in real live and dont take to much risk.
    I see a lot players who are complaining about the AI but they take to many risks and get then contact with the AI.
    Then its there own mistake not to wait for a better oppertunity.
    Just like the engineer said....cover the inside line and they cant pass!!
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    Having race some of the other sims out ther be happy they even try to overtake you ..

    AI are a sience in ther own .. something that takes true skill and patients to code..

    you need an AI master mind to even come close to having good AI in a game ..

    I want to thank the DEV's for having them be competitive ! I don't mind if they are aggressive, its better then passive ..

    Try the AI in AC ..shees they apologias for riding your bumper ..and they never try a pass ! they line up ln the train behind you .. seriously!..

    RF2 has good AI ,and a few others but no game has ever nailed it ..its not easy ..

    I give the AI in Pcars a passing grade ! lol
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    Saying 'drive like a human' is baloney. I always drive like a human and I hate crashing or going of the track. I play iRacing and that game teaches you not to behave like a idiot, not that I need to be taught since I always drive fair.
    The A.I. is okay to say the best, they are way to consistent, they always drive on the exact same part of the road, you'll notice it when you are driving behind 5 other cars they all line up perfectly on the straights. They cut corners like crazy, and even though they all drive the same line, they drive horrible lines, they enter some corners to late or t early and exit the corner like they are drunk.
    Only in the Ginetta G40 cup in career you won't have this issue, because you'll never see them, they are super slow in that class, you already built up a one second gap from the start on 100% difficulty.

    PS: Why is the game retarded when it picks cars in multi class races? I tried racing GT3 and GT4, but what I get is GT3, GT4 and some oldies Group 5 cars, seriously why?
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    My main problem with the AI is, that they are just super slow.
    Can't we get a little faster AI for the career mode. I don't want to win every race like i'm playing Gran Turismo 15 years ago.
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    Hmm the AI... sometimes I think "Wow!! this is awesome" but then something really daft happens and it makes me think "what the hell!!". I made a video on day of release to document some Glitches and Annoyances that I have come up against (PS4 version).

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    Quote Originally Posted by NinjaTrek2891 View Post
    I'd be 100% happier if I don't have to be scared watching my rear mirrors.

    Oh come on. Let's analyse what happened there:
    It is pouring with rain.
    On a fast bend you run wide and put 2 wheels on the grass.
    A closely following AI car is unable to avoid you as you're now going much slower due to the off.

    I reckon you could find a whole bunch of real racing footage that looks very similar to this. For me I would say this is the AI behaving in an extremely human fashion.
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    When the guy on your radio says "put on the pressure and see if you can force him into an error" is this really possible? I have never actually seen the AI make a human like mistake as would be typically when the pressure was on (e.g. missing braking mark, spinning out, etc.) Would love to see an option to increase the probability that the AI drivers may make mistakes. At 80% I can run faster laps then them but in a 30-60min race I no doubt always have a brain fart (or two) and end up off track and always lose since the AI are just a bit slower but never mess up.

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    Hi project car designers,

    Just have a question about the setup of a street cars and maybe in the future some more.
    The Renault Mégane RS 265 doesn't drive and act like in the game.
    Even it's a front wheel drive car, it goes at high speed in oversteer and not in understeer.
    And the traction of the car is just crap in game. I have the car my own and i do track days at Zolder and my car got better traction than race ready BMW and i even beat Porsches with the standard tyres. The youtube movies about the car don't lie about it.
    The Renault Mégane RS 265 is the best low cost stock car for the moment and best front wheel drive car.
    If you want you can even go with me for a new setup in Game.
    I just want to help you guys to make the best race game ever made.
    ill go to Zolder on 20 mei and 24 mei to Nurburgring. i will put the imagry on youtube. just compare it once if you want.

    Thanks for advance
    and keep up the good work on Project Cars
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    [BUG] Don't know if this is AI or Career related... looks like some cars qualified on the same position (Career: Supercars @ Road America):

    Click image for larger version. 

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    For me the AI in race modes is very good, sometimes they even make mistakes when chasing them BUT the biggest issue i have, and its been raised so im really just ranting lol is that in the wet weather they don't seem to be affected nearly half as much as me. Lost many races where its rained during the race and even when im on wet tyres they just fly past, sometimes even cutting corners to get past :P.

    I think i have a non broken copy of the game tho, ive literally had 1 issue (steering locking), nothing else.
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