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Thread: Struggling to find multiplayer races

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    Struggling to find multiplayer races

    Hi All,

    Im on xbox one and really struggle to find multiplater races even though all the options are set to any.

    I also struggle to host multiplayer races sometimes no ones joins for 30 minutes?

    On my xbox setting my nap type is open, does anyone else have these problems?



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    Hi Dan

    Yeah I'm having the same issue as there is currently no way to look through the lobbies you want to join on the XBone version of the game (Microsoft's/XB Live's fault apparently).
    Instead you have to rely on the matchmaking system throwing you into random or empty lobbies.

    I find that the best thing to do is set up and host a race with the settings you want and then have an extended (Recommend 10/15 min) practice/qualifying period as this allows players to join mid session.

    Other recommended solution is to find a good group of racers or a league for private races but this does sometimes restrict on what cars you use.
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