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Thread: Ferrari Italia 458 wheel PC/XBOX 360 Deadzone issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregan View Post
    Hi all,

    Having really annoying deadzone issues with my wheel. It works perfect with all other racing games on PC. I have tried everything, and cannot enjoy the game. Anyone else that has this wheel that found a fix? Been looking through posts here and didnt see much. Be great if some1 can help, cheers.
    When you say you've tried everything I take it this includes Bmanic's excellent TX post that made my wheel about perfect?

    And I've tried several wheels on PCars, including TX/T500/Fanatec GT2 and Fanatec Clubsport V1 and my favourite, by far, and my quickest times are with the TX.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StBull View Post
    try using these settings configure your steering lock in the calibration to around about 75-80 degrees instead of 90 .
    Which wheel should I set it to? just a custom wheel or?

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