when i first got the game every thing was working fine for one day but then it crashed and got stuck so i turned my console off and left it for a day,so now im trying to play the game i go to press start on my controller and nothing happens its just stuck,so i thought i would try and start it when i am not signed in and it worked i pressed start and it started but all the online features are locked,i have tried doing the hard reset but that has not worked iv tried re installing the game and that has not worked,i have tried every thing that i have read from the forums with people who have the same issue but nothing works,i have spoken to microsoft support team and they talked me through some things to do with the console and we came to the conclusion that it is not my console and not my profile at fault it is the game it self that is faulty,i have payed for a game that does not work is there a way i can get reimburse my money back