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Thread: Hockenheim cheating bug - skipping laps

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    Hockenheim cheating bug - skipping laps

    Basically this is what happened

    We were in a race online and a guy in a Audi R8 qualified on pole. He jumped the start and got a penalty. He took it on lap 4 and came out in 9th position and finished 7th. HOWEVER according to him it showed 7th place on his position counter but on the final standings he was down as the winner on his screen and everyone elses, showing he had won the race by over a minute to second place.

    Obviously some bug with the pits and penalty made him gain a lap on us. I may have a video of the entire race showing this happen, I will have to check what I got with Shadowplay

    edit: yes I have the entire race on video with me gaining the place up to 3rd when he pitted on lap 4 only for me to finish in 4th with him as the winner. I didn't get the scoreboard however.
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