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Thread: Clear anwser on what is included in what NA product please?

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    Exclamation Clear anwser on what is included in what NA product please?

    Could we have a clear answer of wich DLC will be included in each way we can buy the game please?

    EB games(Box):

    Included: Modified Car pack
    Not included: Limited Edition cars

    PS Store(Digital):

    Included: Limited Edition cars
    Not included: Modified car pack

    So far it's the info that I have. Correct me if I'm wrong please
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    I just got back from purchasing the game from gamestop. I preordered and got a code for the modified car pack so it's not availible physically unless you preorderd. However both the limited pack and modified pack are available for purchase on psn for $2.99 and $1.99 respectively. I can't say what you get with digital but I'm pretty sure it comes with both.

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