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Thread: [PC] Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel Support

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    [PC] Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel Support

    Having major deadzone issues and when using anything but a Kart, at high speeds it feels like I'm steering a boat despite having 100 steering sensitivity.

    This wheel has worked for every racing game before, I find it baffling it won't work with PCARS.

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    Same problem here.
    Problem needs addressed. Project Cars 2 lets me calibrate the wheel as "custom wheel" but in game I don't get any steering input. If I use the "wheel" as a controller then the 20-30 degree deadzone shows up and it's junk.....
    It works great in Dirt Rally - a fair wheel that beats the tar out of a gamepad.
    A shame Project Cars 2 isn't currently (Jan 1st 2017) working with this Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel on Windows 10 with the MS USB Adapter for 360....
    This issue needs fixed, it's a deal breaker for me - don't care to spend $250 on a new wheel when it's simply a software issue in game on PC2's end.
    They support other "legacy" wheels - a SHAME they don't support the best xbox wheel that works fine in other games.
    Help us out here....
    I posted another thread about all this, please help.
    Thank you whomever can solve the issue, using as "gamepad" wrecks the deadzone.....
    Game sees it as a wheel, I can even calibrate the thing......
    It's currently FUBARED

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