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Thread: improved DRS system

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    improved DRS system

    I would like to start that I've been having an absolute blast with this game thus far, today I ran a race with 30 club members @ the ring gp in the mercedes dtm car we did a 30 min practice than a 15 min quality and a 45 min race. Iam not the fastest by any means but usually within 1-1.5 secs of the aliens but today 5 secs! For the life I couldn't figure out how the hell everyone was going so fast? Until the race started and realized you can use the Drs system as many times as you want in a lap which is just ridiculous and completely ruins the immersion of the cars that uses the Drs system and is completely unrealistic nor fun.
    I hope sms will reconsider fixing this option to atleast give us the choice to turn it off when setting up a server or limit the use to 1 a lap
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    DRS is ok when you remember to use it, KERS on the other hand with the extra boost should be limited
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