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Thread: Universal FFB Settings for XB1/PS4 Spreadsheet

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    Universal FFB Settings for XB1/PS4 Spreadsheet

    These are adapted from Jack Spade's PC Tweaker files - basically it's his FFB settings, in a spreadsheet so that console users can enter them into their game and use the same FFB settings as PC users are enjoying. These should work for most/all console supported wheels and should be a good starting point for everyone. Obviously a lot is based on personal preference, so if they don't feel quite right each user can alter them in his/her game however they see fit.

    There are six sets of FFB settings within this spreadsheet.

    Whats the difference between the sets?

    1. Classic - classic parameters Fx,Mz,Fy,Fz - but additional SopDiff. bumps/kerbs/road feel from the rear tires, solves phase issues.

    2. Fy+SopLateral Mix - side load mix (front/rear) 2/3 + 1/3 by forces not by numbers. FFB feels slightly different but gives more feel what the
    rear of the car is doing, all other parameters as Standard.

    3. 66% - Featuring Side Load Forces derivated from the Rear. The character of SopLateral leaves Mz more space to breathe, allows about
    10% - 13% increased Master Scale and Sop Scale values than in other sets. Entering curves the wheel slightly feels lighter than
    usual but compensates with more dynamic, you gain more feel when the tail wants to step out.
    In the Fy+SopLateral Mix version Fy (side load front) is dominating, besides the Master Levels this is the main difference.
    Note, although different side load mix versions they are following laws of physics, in this case how SMS interprets including
    human error (and bugs).

    4. Bumps Plus - Based on the Fy+SopLateral Mix version, more Rockn Roll from bumps and kerbs, clipping not ruled out.

    5. Brake Rumble - in game Fx = longitudinal force. Fx is equally cranked up on all cars, its a temporary force so it wont spoil the core balance. Though cranked up there is just little effect on lots of cars. As reference check the Radicals and the Caterham 500 on Oulton Park.

    6. Bumps Plus - Classic - Similar to the Bumps Plus version but based on the Standard-Classic settings.

    Download from Google Drive here:


    Let me know if there are any problems!
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