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Thread: Ryno's Painting Tips

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    Quote Originally Posted by waanders360 View Post
    How do you export the art in Photoshop? #DDS
    You will need the Adobe Texture Plugin from Nvidia, this allows you to export DDS files and edit them too.
    A Image Collection of some of my livery designs:
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    A question:
    In your tutorial you mentioned 4 dds files (especially - 2 DXT5's, one without ALPHA, one with ALPHA - section is confusing to me) to save, but in the table from HOWTO there are 3 dds files to save.
    How many files should I save and what names should they have ultimately?
    I want to design a skin for F488 GT3 that is whole black matte and only has nice gold logos on sides.
    Ofcourse talking PC2 here.
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