Hello all,

Bought Pcars on NA release, been having FFB issues like most although I have managed to get it OK(nothing compared to Rfactor2 which is my main game, and I would even rate Codie's F1/Forza ahead of it in terms of general feel).

My main issue is with the sensitivity of my wheel. I usually use 270* wheel lock for other games, when I calibrate my wheel it only shows 180* of rotation for whatever reason. Done it multiple times and it still does that.

The only way to get the wheel to feel like any other game I've played is to crank the wheel sensitivity to 90-100; this makes the steering(particularly the Formula A) as responsive as in other sims and seems to be the only way that I can get my wheel to be 100% linear; on stock setting of 50 it feels like there's a HUGE deadzone in the center. This gives me reasonable responsiveness but makes it seem like the outer edge of the lock is just spin zone, especially in the Karts, full lock just=spin.

Also the steering just feels terrible, as an example I can't take Eau Rouge flat out, no matter what I do even if I throw the car into full lock it will understeer through the corner. I can also full lock going down a straight at 180MPH with the DRS wide open, which in other games will send your car flipping around, right now I can do that and I'll just slowly pull off the road.

Anyways I'd appreciate some help as it makes the game awfully crap to drive, and I will be going back to Rfactor2 till I can find a solution for both FFB and this issue.