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Thread: Crash PS4 Project Cars: Error (CE-34878-0)

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    Well I stopped playing around Patch 1.05 because of this and various bugs. I jumped on after each Patch to see if bugs were fixed. The game overall seems like its at a good point now but after 3 or 4 races/sessions online, I get booted with this error

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    Quote Originally Posted by wyldanimal View Post
    effn Troll
    I said It Might NOT be pCars.
    That is a very generic Network Error. So I would Venture to say it's the Network and Not Specifically the game.

    Maybe you should do a bit of research and educated yourself, before trolling the forums and Jumping on someone's post.

    PS that error is corrupted Data due to network error.
    Well, you might be right on your assumption, when you're playing on PC. There the root-cause of error-messges may be caused by other systems than the game itself. This is based on the huge amount of different systems, hardware and of course drivers out there. Very hard to handle, and a lot harder to lookup for a root-cause.

    But on console like PS4, we have a lot better situation: (Mostly) Same Hardware, OS- , Driver- and Gameversion on every online-multiplayer-participant... cause, without the updates, you're not allowed to play online, in no game.
    -> error-causes are more likely to identfy.

    If I try to play online, and I got a Network-error it can have only one of this tree causes:
    1. I have a error with my own network
    2. Sony PSN has a general network-error
    3. A error in the game network-code.

    So let's find out, which error we have here:
    1. If i have a error with my own network, I would have this error not only with PCars on PS4, I would have trouble to connect to PSN, to connect with my PC or other network-devices. If all other systems in my network work fine, and other games on my PS4 (incl. PSN-network itself), then i can go on. It's not my own network.

    2. So if Sony has a general PSN-Network error, this would mostly lead to nearly network-problems for all other users of the same game-session. This means:
    If I get this "general" Error, it's most likely that all other gamers in my session would get the same error at the same time. Cause: We all are using same drivers, same OS.
    If I'm the only one, or just a few members of the same session: Then It could not be a "general" error.
    Furthermore: Most games are working with "general" Servers vom PSN, would lead to errors on EVERY Game you're trying to play online.
    So if I get the error on PCars, I even should get the same error on all other multiplayer-games... If not, it's most likely not a general PSN-error.

    3. Last but not least: When I was able to exclude the 1. and 2. cause, it's most likely the last layer of the network-protocol: The game-network-code itself.
    So something in the game-network-code seams to cause an error when playing online-mulitplayer. It must be something hidden and not obious, cause, when it would be, every PS4-Player would be unable to play one complete race in online-multiplayer.

    And something what i have to say to this:
    I didn't play PCars for months.. today I started a multiplayer game and in my second gamesession the mulitplyer did stop with the error-code...

    Where I played Rainbow Six -Siege , a multiplayer-game with 10 Synchronized Players over the world, I just got only 2 Game crashes in over 1 Year!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisK View Post
    lol always one of the first in line to blame something else arent you ? if you're not on a WMD payroll you should be embarrassed.
    Lol, you read my mind with this reply.

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    Getting ps4 crashes and errors as well got 4 today back to back could only get on track for 5 mins every time before a blue screen error

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    Same for me , no matter the mode I play. Now Freezes occure quickly for each session I tried. Sometime I've also noticed lag in game menus or when I tried to quit the game with the playstation PS Button menu too ...

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