High hopes have turned into massive frustration.

Before I complain, I'll post my positives:

1. Fantastic selection of tracks
2. Interesting UI

There's likely more, but due to the games bugs/devs failure to setup this game for a controller, it's hard to play.

1. Controller settings after 2 hours of tweaking still aren't great
2. The game does a VERY poor job of describing how to tweak/setup these settings (no explanations leading the player to go online and search how to play the game)
3. There seems to be a low speed physics issue, where you can turn all you want, at a very reasonable speed entry, and the vehicle will not turn. This only happens on low speed corners/chicanes
4. Tuning is metric.. Seriously? 1 bar = 7psi (IIRC) and there's no explanation/organization in the tuning setup
5. Headset sound issues..
6. Because of problems 1-4 the rest of the game is unplayable..

Hoping there's some major fixes along the way