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Thread: Starting in the pit lane, Cars left on start positions...etc

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    Starting in the pit lane, Cars left on start positions...etc


    After another unsuccessful league meeting tonight, due to the constant bugs that are mentioned in the title, plus many more that everyone knows about. I'm aware that these issues are being looked into by SMS, but is there any chance these can be fixed before the arrival of Pcars2?

    League racing at the moment is in its worse state since the release of the game, and after spending 6 hours practicing a track, in preparation for a race only to have it cut short (1 LAP!) by a car sat on the grid apparently driver less, is insanely frustrating, while other players complained about starting in the pits, and starting in the stands!

    And once the race is over, if your lucky enough to finish, grid positions out of place due to lapped cars,replays not working properly...making it harder for race stewards.

    Pcars is an exceptional game when everything works as it should, which unfortunately is as often as we all want...after putting in several hundred hours, its just beginning to grind me down.... i understand its the first iteration of the game, and bugs will always be there, but is there any hope of league races getting back to normality again?

    Thank you, and sorry for moaning, i hate it when people do it on forums!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Hallett View Post
    racing at the moment
    At the moment? Since Patch6 we didnt have a single race where everything was smooth. Either the switsch between Practice/Quali/Warmup/Race didnt work, racers were stuck in pit within one of the sessions mentioned before, Wheel and/or pedals stopped working after the session switched, or the Fast Ratio Bug striked again. Or - my personal shoo-in - cars behave completely different as soon as the race has finally started.

    Don't misunderstand me, I luv PCars. It has great setup options, lovely graphics, a great weather system and time of the day transitions. There are some ignorable bugs left, like the messed up replays whenever a racer gets disconnected or the messed up track temperatures if its raining. But the multiplayer is a - and I really need to state this that harsh - load of crap wrapped within a pile of windfall.

    Ian promised us a "look into" around XMas last year. Now another month has passed and nothing happened. Not a fix, which would have been great, but even not a word of the current progress. Saddening, just saddening.

    Afaik there are four or five DLCs left. Well SMS, dont count on me as a buyer, I prefer spending my money on R3E right now. Not as lovely as PCars, but with a working replay and MP.

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    Three of our racers stuck in trainings sessions after every switch between Taining1/training2/quali/warmup last weekend. Reproduceable.
    After full reinstall of the game everything went to normal.
    I know that are about 21 GB. But give it a try.
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