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Thread: Video: DS4 Controller Bug - Mods?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruno Alexandre View Post
    I'm almost 100% sure you're an old school PS guy like me and use the throttle and brake on the right analogue stick ? When using both functions on the same analogue stick it results into both sensitivities and deadzones to become identical.
    I always hated using the right thumbstick as a throttle and brake, but being that the DS1 didnt have triggers or pressure sensitive buttons I see why the did it. But most of those games on PS1was designed for buttons so it wasnt really all to bad by using the buttons for throttle and brake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by danowat View Post
    You can't have different deadzones or sensitivities on the same axis.
    Sorry about the late answer guys, it's just like danowat mentioned above, there cannot be different deadzones or sensitivities, so it's not a bug.
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