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Thread: [PS4] The Safe Race Place

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    [PS4] The Safe Race Place

    Hi Folks,

    We are a group of clean, fun, and competitive racers, seeking to get the most out of the Project Cars online experience and looking to build our grid back up after the disappointments of a certain GT based console game.
    Our first Project Cars event will be a Ginetta G55 GT4 series starting at the beginning of June, you can check out the details here at the GTPLR forum, and sign up if you think it sounds like your thing.

    We usually have a lobby up from 21:00 GMT on Saturday nights, (we will be on tonight, Sat 16th) if you just want to drop in and check us out. PSN Clippy-GTPLR or NT1138 you'd be most welcome.

    See you on the road and remember, "If in doubt, Flat out" :-)

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